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3rd December 2016
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8th January 2017

Unlocking your home with expert interior knowledge



One of the main qualities an interior designer can have is the ability to be able to walk into a house and be able to unlock that homes potential. Every home design has a certain signature, packed with features that are easily enhanced through a bit of thought our interior design planning. When beginning a home project it’s important to start with the basics and visualise ways in which you can enhance its full potential. Whether its more space, more light or making your home more practical the key is to work with what you have by mapping out important features and identifying points of interest.

Some of our latest projects have adopted these similar concepts and we have achieved great results in transformation as well as adding value to the home.


Wilmslow project | Interior Consulting on Sitting Room

We consulted on the final touches of an ongoing consultancy project offering our advice to the finishing touches of a sitting room, whilst also looking to the externals on this project in terms of landscaping and garden lighting. From here the initial brief was to add more space into this area and create an ambient light setting that ties in with a sitting room setting. The room was of adequate size and shape and looked out into the garden. We consulted on enhancing the room with use of bespoke wallpaper and lighting, showing how colours and textures can bring out features including furniture and flooring. We also consulted on the exterior of the home and showed how mapped out lighting can bring the best out of your gardens potential.

Manchester Interior Design Project

We have started another one of our own projects which is set to run throughout this year. As progressive plans for totally unlocking another inner city semi-detached house go into planning, we have been focusing on stripping back and ordering the site ready for sanction and full steam ahead. The project offers three main areas for development with a long/wide inner city back garden (25m X 10m), width at the side to build up and height in the roof to convert.

If you require any more information on our interior design consultancy services then please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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