Retail Shop Interior Design
Commercial Retail Outlet Design – Chester
1st September 2017
3d home design
Exterior Porch Design Project – Chorlton, Manchester
12th September 2017


We have just completed a design consultancy job for a client in Didsbury where we commissioned to design both their front and back garden.

Their front has been designed, upon request, mainly on lines of practicality trying to increase their parking space for more cars whilst still retaining enough greenery to soften the increase in hard standing. Also improving the practicality of the steps upon entrance to the front door, which at present are narrow, impractical and uninviting on first impression.


Their back garden has been designed to create exciting points of interest for both the view out of the rear of the property and whilst one is outside and enjoying the garden. Entertainment areas in varying parts of the garden have been designed around the sun, the shade and both dependant on where they are located.


Technologies that have been designed into this project are a retractable Pergoda for the new bar area at the rear, and garden lighting throughout the external areas of the property.


The 3D imaging above that we employ helps clients visualise our imagination completely and from all angles.