4th December 2016
Unlock Smaller Spaces – Interior Design Project in Stretford
12th September 2017


We helped a young first time buyer and his parents procure a property after visiting a number of options and helping them determine the best one to purchase. We helped them chose a sizeable end terrace in a popular up and coming area for young people. This was achieved in all together 6 hours of our consultancy time.

We then helped consult on the spatial layout of the property most noticeably introducing a downstairs shower room near the front door as the end terrace had 30 years previous been a shop and as such boasted a very large front room that was able to lose the required space for a second bathroom in this property, with a second bathroom always being such a welcome addition to a terrace house. This layout and distribution part of the consultancy was 4 hours of our time.

As the project was nearing it's completion we helped the client with the procurement of a variety of soft furnishings/fixtures and fittings whether they be our own or advice on others that equated to a further 2 hours of our time.

This was the first time we had worked in a terrace house on a small budget for some time but proved once again we can deliver in any market as our help in procurement, design and installation helped add £50,000 worth of equity on to the purchase price within 6 months, leaving the customer pleased with what we had managed to make for them as a result of our knowledge across the broad spectrum of design fields.