9th December 2016
Penthouse Flat Manchester – Progress and Update
9th September 2018


3D Design Concept

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design-3d-project

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design-3d-project2

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design-3d-project3

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design-3d-project4

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design-3d-project5

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design-3d-project6

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design-3d-project7

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design-3d-project8

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design-3d-project9

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design-3d-project10

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design-3d-project11

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design-3d-project12

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design-3d-project13

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design-3d-project14

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design-3d-project15

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design-3d-project16

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design-3d-project17

  • penthouse-manchester-3d-design

  • penthouse-manchester-3d-design2

  • penthouse-manchester-3d-design3

  • penthouse-manchester-3d-design4

  • penthouse-manchester-3d-design5

  • penthouse-manchester-3d-design6

  • penthouse-manchester-3d-design7

  • penthouse-manchester-3d-design8

  • penthouse-manchester-3d-design9

  • penthouse-manchester-3d-design10


  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design2

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design3

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design4



We have started a very prestigious design project for Manchester of a luxurious duplex penthouse, the sort of project we are more accustomed to doing in London over the years and highlights how Manchester is changing by the day.

The project has been broken down into three sections:

1. The roof Terrace
2. The open planning living floor
3. The sleeping floor (3 bed, 3 bath)

Firstly we have designed and are in the process of installing the roof terrace as phase 1. From our 3D designs below you can see what we are striving for and from the original/work in progress photos you can see what we started with and how things are progressing.

Both ourselves and the clients wanted to take advantage of the summer months to do the outside terrace work, in which we have stripped back and removed nearly all that existed and then started to install and create our vision. We are very adept at working in such logistically difficult spaces with previous work both in Manchester and London, priding ourselves on our efficency, cleanliness, consideration that keeps good relationships with staff and residents, for such work is very specialist and as such requires a special touch and careful planning, as well as a lot of hard work. For there is no place for a skip and limited space and time to offload. Indeed to do these sort of jobs 7 stories up you really have to care!