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20th November 2019
Interior and Exterior Design Project – Chorlton, Manchester
12th September 2017
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Interior / Exterior Design Project in Chorlton

Traditional Semi House Interior/Exterior Re-Design – Chorlton:

We were called out to clients in the heart of Chorlton and were pleased to be initially met with one of the nicest large traditional semi’s in the area. The couple fully aware of the pedigree of their property and it’s architectural strength and wanted to bring the internal layout into this century by pulling together, expanding and opening up this somewhat disjointed space.

A space originally designed for warmth and different usage, into a house designed around light open space and flow. Whilst at the same time gaining a kitchen that you could dine in, as well as the additions of a second sitting room, downstairs WC and a utility room.

The basic shape to work with on this ground floor redesign was an L shape that at present comprised a conservatory at one end and the kitchen at the other linked by a dining area. We set about as always every possible layout that this space could give that gave them 7 options that we narrowed down to two favourites that we then expanded in a little more detail and discussed the pros and cons of both, with one representing a more cost effective alternative to the full commitment one.

In the end after discussing it they were sold on the fully committed design for they were excited by the fact that we had managed to get them a second sitting area, a grander entrance to the house and WC by knocking down the tired underperforming conservatory and replacing it with a modern flat roof glass inspired extension.

Next the adjoining area would remain as a dining room but with the help of some structural steel support be opened up to the space more allowing a better flow through the designated areas.

Finally looking to the other end of the ground floor where the kitchen already existed they saw the merit in not just extending back for the utility that was in the budget option, but rather widening the area at the same time going backwards again with a modern contrasting flat roof extension with an abundance of architectural glass.

For what this extra width allowed for now was an uncompromising kitchen with large island that could dine 4 facing each other, as well a larger utility room at the back of it. Getting away from their presently somewhat crushed in kitchen.

The couple had had two architects look at it but they hadn’t managed to unlock the space in a way that pleased them and we left them with the layout they were looking for and will support them with our design knowledge and products during the build.