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3rd December 2016
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3rd December 2016

Interior Design: Knowledge is Power


When it comes to redesigning your home, knowledge is power and consultancy design is the key to undertaking any size build or renovation with confidence.

For too long design has been moped up by the architect, builder or client on jobs that are deemed to small to warrant specific design input or the design is simply and regretfully pigeon holed as a finishing skill required near completion. Indeed in the past far too often to many clients deem it is simply too expensive to have a designer on board, however when used correctly it can be the best money and support you spend.

A good example of an entry level design consultancy job was recently we had a couple who simply paid for a design consultancy meeting at £200 for a bathroom that with the help of a tiler they were embarking upon themselves. The husband was a handy man and had managed to develop his own computer aided design for a modest bathroom that was approximately 2.5m x 2.5m square. However in search of modern lines in his look he had designed out practicality, making it practically impossible to bathe his child and leaving one crushed in on the toilet and far to close to the sink whilst there.

So with the simple but as yet not considered suggestions of moving the bathroom door to the left and moving the sink to another wall we unlocked the space for them, we then simply offered them our opinion on tile samples they had collected off the Internet, as well as sanitary ware from brochures they had collated to help them finalise their decisions and the job was done for round about the price you would pay a plumber for one day’s labour. Money that is so well spent and will mean that they will get more enjoyment out of there bathroom for at least the next 10 years.

Consultancy design on top of whatever workforce you have pulled together for your project, and no matter what size the project, we believe is essential to good design, for knowledge is always power. With the beauty of it’s set up being the power is in your hands, to instruct as little or as much of it as you so wish, with the consultant firmly sitting in your corner with your best interests at heart.

Thanks David

Interior Design Expert

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