Interior Design: Knowledge is Power
3rd December 2016
Unlocking your home with expert interior knowledge
3rd December 2016

Interior design consultants: How they can help you in 2016


One misconception of interior design is that if you don’t have the budget for design driven products, that by their very nature are more expensive, then you don’t have the budget for an interior designer. Well through consultancy interior design you do, for there is nearly always enough room in any budget for a few hours of real design knowledge.

For the interior design consultant can simply help you chose from high street products they themselves are not selling and most importantly can advice on spatial layouts. Apart from the inherent benefits to your ongoing life of well designed space, that is correctly adorned under the constraints of your budget, that knowledge will nearly always pay for itself in some form of efficiency saving derived from the advice.

If your budget stretches a little further allowing a few more hours on other occasions interior design consultants can accompany you to view high street products and help you chose a theme that brings everything together. When this is understood normal houses progress by leaps and bounds, for once again knowledge is power!

An example of such knowledge recently was in the external re-ordering of a clients Urban Garden and with our instruction to simply move the shed back 3 meters the shed stopped killing a space, that left two relatively unusable spaces either side, creating one usable larger space in front of the shed. This area was then astroturfed upon our advice with ourselves helping with the decision on product which the client bought direct of the Internet. Everyone was happy and the garden looked like a different place all thanks to interior design consultancy and clients just paying for that little bit of knowledge.

If you are looking for some expert advise we can provide you with a bespoke service that suits your needs and advises you on all design aspects of your current project how big or small. Contact us today for some advice on interior design.

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