Hallway Interior Design Project

Hallway Design Project

We are brought into hallways on a number of different levels that more often than not are usually focused on the stairs whether that is their refurbishment, their replacement or their reconfiguration. Anything involving stairs is usually bespoke whether it is a Joiner altering your existing stairs a mass market firm fully reconditioning and modernising or a bespoke architectural outfit stripping it all back and reconstructing a whole new set of stairs from scratch. We initially arrive to advise on how best to modernise your stairs within your budget looking at potential different configurations. Once the stair design is determined we are once again looking at creating a scheme for soft furnishings and furniture and will arrive with a variety of wallpaper, fabric etc options to look through and consider. We will then help you with the sourcing of your stairs and any other furniture required in the hallway, wherever that may be sourced from. Next we will assist you with the managing and installation of your project and are flexible enough to work in a number of different ways dependent upon your projects unique requirements. Finally we offer an additional add on service of a 3D design of your space which really helps people actual visualise their ideas and gives tradesman a clear guide as to what we are all working towards, giving great confidence to the client.

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