Garden Exterior Design

Garden Exterior Design Solutions

We have found that over recent years many clients, especially in urban areas are asking us to consider their garden as an extension of their house design.

Such a market trend has mainly been driven by technology on the two fronts of fun and practicality. Firstly things like music, outdoor cinemas, garden lighting and modern lounging furniture have made the garden far more fun and appealing. Secondly Heaters, awnings and pergodas have made the garden far more practically appealing to sit out in.

With the final piece to the jigsaw being the threshold linkage of space as more and more people opt for bi-folding and sliding windows, seamlessly linking outside to in as part of one large entertaining space that makes your ground floor feel like it doubles in size in the summer months and gives a greater feeling of space and much better uplifting views in the winter months.

We arrive and initially start considering how the space can flow as one and what of the above can be implemented to achieve this within budget. Initially coming up with layout options and structural changes to layouts. From this we will look at a variety of options for products to achieve the desired effect and will then help you with the sourcing of any furniture/products required, such as windows, decking, tiles, Audio, AV, outdoor furniture etc, wherever that may be sourced from.

Next we will assist you with the managing and installation of your project and are flexible enough to work in a number of different ways dependent upon your projects unique requirements.

Finally we offer an additional add on service of a 3D design of your space which really helps people actual visualise their ideas and gives tradesman a clear guide as to what we are all working towards, giving great confidence to the client.

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