Games Room Interior Design

Games Room Design Solutions

We are finding a greater call for the design of such space into houses and are usually called out once a garden room has been created, space has been reclaimed in the loft, space has been reclaimed in the cellar, or a bedroom is now not required as such.

These spaces offer a variety of options and more often than not welcome across clients who know they want one but can’t quite decide what they want and how it should be configured.

After some remote correspondence to get a feel for the clients needs we arrive to initially look at potential layouts for the space and often clever ways that you can get more out of the space than you think.

We will arrive to the initial meeting with wallpapers, fabrics, furniture and potential leisure options that are well suited to these locations and guide you with your decisions on the aesthetics. We can then help you source the correct leisure equipment to suit your budget and requirements.

Finally we will assist you with the managing and installation of your project and are flexible enough to work in a number of different ways dependent upon your projects unique requirements.

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