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Bespoke Living by Design specialises in interior design consultancy aiming to impart its vast knowledge, experience and enthusiasm into design driven projects. We aim to instil the client with the confidence to achieve and fulfil their initial vision with optimal results. We embrace variety and are excited by solving problems and unlocking a property’s true potential. We also offer a wide range of design driven products that have been painstakingly sourced to offer the most exciting and reliable solutions to any design requirements. Our team has over 10 years experience consulting throughout Britain and Europe adding imagination, energy, hard work and value wherever we have worked.

By Design

We aim to balance your requirements with our expertise to create unique bespoke concepts that blend the success of the past with the promise of the future, producing designs for the present that stand the test of time. It will be driven by design from conception to completion and beyond offering accessibility, affordability and simplicity. Our timeless designs combine unique, exciting, imaginative and fun concepts with practicality, durability and efficiency. You can hire us for initial consultancy work or to see a project through to the end. We are very flexible and work around you to ensure you are getting the best advice on your properties and investments. We can also work on the exteriors of your home as we are experts in Garden Lighting installations as well as Smart Homes, providing you with the latest technology for both luxury and security. With a vast knowledge of the latest products on the market we will advise you on the installation of these services as well as what we think would work best for your home.

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    1Do you design space and layouts?
    Good design and designers should always be looking at the broader environment. Yes we should know our furniture, furnishings and fittings, but as you expand out we need to know how that room should function and not just in isolation, rather it's role in relation to the rest of the house. This then leads to understanding how to most successfully distribute the space of the property, which can entail redistribution, areas changing use etc and should never be an after thought rather considered at conception. With the ultimate being looking to the broadest perspective of the actual plot, how it is to be orientated and used with potential extensions that all then has a baring on the ultimate layout.
    So yes great designers know their space and can easily do it on their own, project dependent, but also integrate where necessary with like minded architects, who generally come with a slightly more exact mind and the designer at the top of his game with a slightly more imaginative mind by nature. However there are many interior designers out there who profess to have these skills and actually don't. Read more
    2Can you help with purchasing of products?
    Yes we have a range of products that are at our disposal for you to chose from, but a good designer will also be open to help clients chose products that they don't supply. This may due to a tight budget and being imaginative with cheaper products or simply unusual projects that need sourcing from elsewhere.
    3What is the process of how you work as a designer?
    As highlighted throughout our site we work on a consultancy design basis allowing you to pay for our knowledge at any point during your project. Allowing us to be firmly sat in your corner giving you the confidence to make informed decision, enjoy the process keeping it low stress and ultimately delivering a successful end result.
    4How do we get a designer to help?
    You are here now, so simply ring it will be the best decision in property development you can make, for once made we immediately start reducing your stress.


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