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Interior design service

Our team of designers can offer a solution to any design requirement which, in isolation, is invaluable. The initial consultancy meeting will involve a flow of ideas and concepts for your project. Every project is unique and governed by numerous variables so we endeavour to create a bespoke design support strategy with mutual understanding of what is required. The project’s billable hours will include the initial consultancy meeting, studio design work and client site visits which, by their nature, will vary depending on the size of the project.

Small consultancy projects typically involve a 2 hour initial meeting, 5 – 10 studio hours for layout and spatial distribution work, followed by 4 – 6 on-site hours at the client’s discretion. Larger consultancy projects require more hours at all stages and the very smallest can be simply the initial consultancy meeting and nothing else, where a very small area is considered.

The design process can’t start without a consultancy first. This initial meeting helps us to map out your requirements as well as get to know what styles you are most keen on. We can then recommend some options and expert advice for the project that will work within your budget. We are happy to work alongside any building team you may have and will provide a full design brief that has been specifically tailored to your project. As you can see from our case studies and videos we have worked on a wide range of projects, anything from small to large and everything in between. Our interior design projects are tailored to you and we provide you with a step by step guide of how to achieve your dream home.

Interior consultancy prices:

2 hours

£200 / + vat

1/2 day

£300 / + vat

All above prices are based on the locality of the North West of England and would be adjusted to suit for working further afield. For further details please contact us on the forms on the website or give us a call.

Remote interior design

Technology in terms of ease of video transferral and existing floor plan availability on sites such as Right move and Zoopla have seen a positive new section to our industry develop, namely remote design work. Where you can send us photos and video by all the usual mediums of what's app, drop box, Vimeo, as well as access to existing floor plans you have or to your style of property and it's location through property sites (as mentioned above) and we can create a design package to suit you.

  • We sketch draw floor plan layouts to scale. From: redistribution within the existing constraints, to plans that look at the best way to maximise your property upon your plot (which offer the most creative and logical ways to optimise, extend and redistribute space over all your Floors and including your outdoor space), and everything in between giving you a variety of different options to fit different budgets. For this we charge £600 + vat.
  • We can then offer a more advanced package that does the layouts then goes further to recommend the treatment for each surface and suggested products/furniture to use, with photos and pricing that are referenced to your new designed layouts, whether that be wall, floor, ceiling, opening, threshold, roof, fence, room or garden. For this we charge £1000 + vat
  • Finally we can offer more tailored packages that account for your individual needs and that can extend to computerised imaging, 3D imagining and layouts, with price upon request.

Remote consultancy packages:

Layouts package

£600 / + vat

Advanced package

£1000 / + vat

Lighting design

Under the assumption that you already have floor plans at your disposal or can direct us to equivalents on property sites, when combined with photos and video we can put together a remote lighting design package for your property. This package will deal with functional, decorative and security lighting and there layout. We then look to design the system on to different zones that can be switched, dimmed and controlled independently from each other creating a variety of lighting scenes for each area of your property.

Lighting design prices:

House lighting design

£600 / + vat

Garden lighting design

£400 / + vat

3D design

Upon your request we can take any of our plan sketch drawings and convert them into 3D models that can give a real insight into what your property can look like and a very good indication to the lay outs, finishes, furniture, colour schemes etc that can give you a great feel for what you are going to be existing within.

With this technology totally applicable for our lighting design projects upon request.

3D design prices:

Single room 3D model

£300 / + vat

One floor 3D model

£1000 / + vat

Whole house 3D model

£1500 / + vat

Whole property 3D model

£2000 / + vat

Our interior design installation service

Bespoke Living by Design is primarily concerned with design and consultancy supporting and developing a client’s vision. We do have our own team of experts to call upon for some aspects of the project and can recommend personnel to tender where required. We are also adept at working with those with whom the client already feels comfortable.

We also offer a vast range of design products for potential purchase.

The term ‘Project Management’ is often misunderstood in many developments. Large projects, by their very nature, usually require a dedicated, experienced project/site manager. However, on small and medium projects, it is often felt that the budget cannot justify such a dedicated role. This important aspect does need to be addressed. Clients may choose to do it themselves and often underestimate their inexperience, the time involved and the inherent stress attached to such a role. Clients may delegate to a builder/contractor, architect, QS or designer. In each case they will tender for the responsibility in addition to their specific quotes as it is a job in itself and needs to be considered as such. Projects fail when this is overlooked, costs mount, build times escalate and stress follows.

If the project is deemed appropriate for ourselves at a given point in time, we can tender for a holistic approach where we take responsibility for the project management.

Our maintenance service

Properties always require a level of maintenance as they are in constant use and, in some shape or form, ever evolving. Over time products wear, things can be damaged and priorities change.

The key factor is maintaining healthy client relationships. We can offer recently launched product innovations, updates and new season launches. In this digital age we offer troubleshooting support for programming, electrical services and advice.

The Benefits of Using an Interior Designer

  • We help in the search for and procurement of properties and land, highlighting potentially unlockable value.
  • We create innovative and exciting layouts for both new and existing builds, creating and re-distributing space where appropriate.
  • We work alongside clients to support them through the build process with our vast experience and design expertise, delivered through regular site visits.
  • We offer and help source a vast array of design driven products that lift your build to another level of inspiration.

Let's talk about your new project

1Do you design space and layouts?
Good design and designers should always be looking at the broader environment. Yes we should know our furniture, furnishings and fittings, but as you expand out we need to know how that room should function and not just in isolation, rather it's role in relation to the rest of the house. This then leads to understanding how to most successfully distribute the space of the property, which can entail redistribution, areas changing use etc and should never be an after thought rather considered at conception. With the ultimate being looking to the broadest perspective of the actual plot, how it is to be orientated and used with potential extensions that all then has a baring on the ultimate layout.
So yes great designers know their space and can easily do it on their own, project dependent, but also integrate where necessary with like minded architects, who generally come with a slightly more exact mind and the designer at the top of his game with a slightly more imaginative mind by nature. However there are many interior designers out there who profess to have these skills and actually don't. Read more
2Can you help with purchasing of products?
Yes we have a range of products that are at our disposal for you to chose from, but a good designer will also be open to help clients chose products that they don't supply. This may due to a tight budget and being imaginative with cheaper products or simply unusual projects that need sourcing from elsewhere.
3What is the process of how you work as a designer?
As highlighted throughout our site we work on a consultancy design basis allowing you to pay for our knowledge at any point during your project. Allowing us to be firmly sat in your corner giving you the confidence to make informed decision, enjoy the process keeping it low stress and ultimately delivering a successful end result.
4How do we get a designer to help?
You are here now, so simply ring it will be the best decision in property development you can make, for once made we immediately start reducing your stress.


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