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5th December 2016
5th December 2016



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  • wilmslow-bespoke-living-after2

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  • wilmslow-bespoke-living-after4

  • wilmslow-bespoke-living-after5

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Here we consulted on the full overhaul of a 3000 sq ft 1980′s large suburban build that had fallen into disrepair. On this project the client elected to do the project management of the build and we advised on the design offering our products where appropriate. This young upwardly mobile couple were interested in a modern clean lined space, opening it up to light wherever possible. Our priority was to deliver what they wanted whilst not letting their desire for modern and simple prevent warmth and colour from entering the building. We developed the layout plans with the help of an architect. With extensions to the front and rear we designed a plan which saw a tired and badly proportioned 4 bed 2 bath house transformed into a cutting edge 5 bed 3 bath home, sporting a very large open plan kitchen/dining/sitting area to the ground floor leaving the property unrecognisable with a whole new positive feel. We made regular consultancy site visits to the property advising the client and working in conjunction with the builder and architect and used tiles and wallpaper from our product range.

Wilmslow Interior Design