9th December 2016
9th December 2016



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  • bowdon bespoke living design

  • bowdon bespoke living design

  • Kitchen Interior Design in Manchester

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This 9000 sq ft property was fully refurbished inside and out paying attention to every detail the property had to offer. The aim of the design package was to take a confused, relatively new build rendered property into the 21st century with a coherent design message.

Internally each room was overhauled with new wallpaper, floors, lightng control, audio and furnture. Space was re-distibuted where possible to make more sense of the rooms and the house as a whole. There were 6 bedrooms (5 with ensuites and a huge master suite), lounge, open plan kitchen/diner/lounge, dining room, study, snug, bar and pool.

Externally all the windows were removed and the openings altered to create a more modern theme and the render was clad in a textured slate totally transforming the asthetics of the house. The surrounding grounds were landscaped and re-organised along a similar theme.