Interior and Exterior Design Project – Chorlton, Manchester
12th September 2017
Penthouse flat Manchester
9th September 2018


  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design-work-in-progress

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design-work-in-progress2

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design-work-in-progress4

  • manchester-penthouse-bespoke-design-work-in-progress4

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  • penthouse-manchester-design1

  • penthouse-manchester-design2

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  • penthouse-manchester-design4

  • penthhouse-manchester-design5

  • penthouse-manchester-design5



As you can imagine logistically as mentioned it is very hard work but we are now heading into the final phase of the roof terrace with the arrival of the glass pergoda, the ordering of the Astro turf, the outdoor planting, the commissioning of the outside bar etc. Which will see it start to come together quickly in keeping with our design. So look forward to more exciting pictures to follow!

In design terms levelling out a bizzare step change in level that was killing space, dismantling and moving the bbq area to a better location has completely unlocked the space as per the design making it feel twice as big and way more useful space to entertain. Indeed there is such a joy in redistributing space to work better for you no matter where you are. For there are usually space killers and inthis case there were two glaringly obvious ones. However one we couldn’t remove and had to design around was the light lantern for the hallway below, just in case anyone was wondering why had we plonked a big unsitely glass box in the middle of everything! Finally the Jaccuzi, it was going on every count! It was old and knackered on every level and simply pointless to repair, the couple who bought the flat said they didn’t think they would use one, so it was cut up into 20 odd pieces and carried down as this was never installed up the narrow turning stairs it will have been craned in when they built the flats! However for those who are interested by the design but would opt for the hut tub option then it could exist in the design on the Astro-turf area instead of the sun lounger, just as a point of design for those who are interested!