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12th September 2017
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9th September 2018
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Interior and Exterior Design Project – Chorlton, Manchester


We were called out to a couple who had bought on the fringe of Chorlton in south Manchester some 5 years previous and we had designed their family bathroom 2 years previous. Their family is now expanding with children entering the equation and they needed their semi-detached house follow suit.

Their semi had the luxury of room down the side of the house, a long back garden and a good roof pitch, but just didn’t have the confidence to know exactly what they wanted and did have some budget constraints. When we arrived the couples plan was to build the master bedroom with ensuite in the loft and build a flat roof one story extension out 4.5 meters off the back of the existing width of the 5 meter wide semi, where they planned to relocate kitchen and dining.

We soon showed them how this probably wasn’t the right design layout approach and if we actually put two kids bedrooms plus a family bathroom in the loft we could knock through the two back bedrooms and claim the old family bathroom (that we renewed two years previous) as their own ensuite, then give the front bay room a small ensuite as well, giving them loads more space and grandeur whilst not putting their kids bedrooms below them as they slept.

Then downstairs we highlighted to them the benefits of using a little more of their space to the side rapping the single story around the corner and half way down the side of the existing house, whilst still leaving a meter gap to access the back garden. The L shaped extension would then be split into three rooms, the main one off the back that would still be 4.5 meters out but now 7.5 meters wide rather than 5 and would house a large sitting area and dining looking over the garden rather than the kitchen.

The kitchen would then simply expand from its old original location (at the back into the other back room), finally with the two other rooms to the extension down the side being a WC and utility room.

We left them very happy as we gave them so much more luxury from the space with a few key design changes that just unlocked everything and again highlighted why paying for knowledge is essential at the conception stage, offering things builders and architects don’t pick up on.