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15th December 2016
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11th August 2017

Bespoke Living “In House” Project, Interior and Exterior Design - Chorlton

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    House Project

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    House Project 38

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    House Project 33


Bespoke Living “In House” Project, Interior and Exterior Design - Chorlton

We have taken on our own build project this year, something we haven't done in a number of years, as any good design and build company always keeps an eye on the fringe and where it looks like it is heating up for opportunities that are too good to miss! What we saw was how Chorlton's house prices that have been rising quickly over recent years were seriously heating up and subsequently pushing the fringe out into the Stretford border on the Chorlton side of Chester Road.

So we broke ground in January on our own project that we will jump on and off in between client work, with the aim to highlight in design terms how you truly unlock an inner city semi with room on the plot to expand. As we extend double story to the side, but crucially still allowing access to the back garden down the side. Some may wonder how do you make any use of the naturally narrower rooms leaving access to the back garden creates, but those thoughts come from those who haven't considered the design concept of moving the front door, hallway and stairs to the new side extension. Rather they retain entrance in the middle divining and fragmenting awkward space from the offset. Leaving narrow garages, skinny dining rooms, tiny bedrooms or oversized WC's or utilities, whilst most importantly still blocking their access to the back garden. Our double story side extension will simply hold stairs, hallways and landings, a utility room and a master bedroom ensuite, allowing the rest of the house to be opened up together in a modern open plan layout. The size of witch will make this inner city semi feel like a suburban detached.

For the old hallway will be given back to the old front room to create one huge front room (5m x 6m); the old kitchen will be knocked through to the old back room to create a huge kitchen in the centre of the new layout (4.5m x 6m) serviced by an additional new utility room located in the new side extension (3.5m x 1.8m). Finally a single story lean to extension will be built of the back of the house the entirety of the new width (8.5m x 5m) housing the second sitting area and dinning in great luxury. All this area will work together in a huge open plan feel but can also be slid off into three separate areas of required with large tomb stone sliding doors that will be pocketed to disappear into the walls.

Up stairs the whole back of the house will be given to the new master bedroom (4.5m x 6.2m) and ensuite (3.3m x 1.8m) located in the double story side extension. The front bay window bedroom will become guest bedroom with ensuite and the attic conversion will accommodate a further two kids bedrooms and family bathroom.

Finally we are reorganising both the front and back garden to accommodate two car off road secure parking at the front and a huge entertaining space at the rear with a large studio at the bottom of the garden.

All space created by innovative design knowledge, which if employed can unlock the true potential of your property. This for us is a show piece of modern inner city living at it's best and how the relatively ordinary can be cleverly unlocked to create the extraordinary!

At present we have built the structure of the studio at the bottom of the garden and made it water tight. Have dug and laid the foundations for our house extensions to the front, side and rear. We have commenced with brickwork and have the shell near completion ready for the next stage of the new roof going on.