Interior / Exterior Design Project in Chorlton
12th September 2017
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Exterior Porch Design Project – Chorlton, Manchester
12th September 2017
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Bathroom Interior Design Project


Bathroom Interior Design Project – Sale, Manchester

We were called out to a client who wanted to renew the family bathroom but was unsure as to the best layout. Upon arrival, the bathroom itself was 3.2 meters x 2.1 meters with the door in the bottom right corner in plan view, so it was a medium sized bathroom that was neither too small nor an abundance of space.

As a result, the clients were really struggling with the correct layout and what to do with it, stating they thought they wanted a separate shower and bath. The clients had already had two bathroom companies out and weren’t happy with either their layouts or costings.

In the two-hour consultancy meeting we set about sketching out to scale on graph paper every potential layout they could achieve in the space and came up with 9 scenarios, to put in front of them whilst immediately knowing our preferred option. Presenting the pros and cons to each they too came to the same conclusion as ourselves. The option chosen was to opt for a luxurious 190×120 jacuzzi two-person Bath and shower in the bath.

Once the client could see them sketched down it made complete sense for once the correct decision was made to not force a separate shower cubical into the room (that took any luxury away from each individual element of the bath, sink, toilet area as well as the shower itself) suddenly there was an abundance of space and everything looked luxurious. For sometimes in the pursuit for everything you can end up with nothing.

Indeed, this is where are approach differs from those who had come before who simply offered there one layout and cost that tried to offer everything whilst trying to sell as much bathroom gear as possible. Our approach is all about the design, selling knowledge first and foremost, which ultimately leads to the correct conclusion.

So the bathroom layout now offered a talking piece 2 person bath for a couple who really liked to jacuzzi with one already located at the bottom of their garden! Giving them a luxurious showering space. The layout also gave them a 1500×550 vanity unit with his and hers sinks and a vast amount of space around the toilet not just crushed into a corner or too close to the sink.

Once this had been determined the couple then employed us to turn the sketch into a 3D design, so it would give the bathroom fitter a clearer vision of our design to work to. Which we went away and did at our design price of £300 + vat for a room.

At this point we can simply be a design service and a client can obviously simply take our knowledge source products themselves and maybe get us in a later stage for a little more design advice of needed. However, this client chose to employ us to gather the equipment together through our preferred supplier of Porcelenosa which we did.

Again, this is where our service can end with the supply of the equipment especially if you have a plumber you have worked regularly with in the past and are happy with, which we ourselves are all for.

However, this client did not, so we put forward an installer we recommend and use to quote separately and fully for the installation job. Then beyond this point it is at the clients discretion if they see a further need to employ us for some design consultancy during installation, which they may well not and at this point our job is complete.