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12th September 2017
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12th September 2017
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Exterior Porch Design Project – Chorlton, Manchester

3d home design

We were called out to design a porch on to a semi-detached house in Chorlton. There remit was to not change the front door and side window configuration, keep as much light in the hallway, whilst increasing storage and warmth.

After discussion, we highlighted that to achieve all this it would require entrance from the right side through a glass door, then looking to use a front wood cladded wall to allow storage along it’s length on the other side, then a flat roof modern design with the roof mainly in glass to allow light into the hallway and a window on the left wall as you look at the house and porch to maximise the light through the existing side window.

The client was keen to proceed with the design they had not considered and hence were unsure as how to proceed. They then employed us to do a 3D design of the porch so they could actually visualise it in situ.