4th December 2016


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Here we helped a young couple, who were newly married and enjoying their first home together, unlock their semi detached homes potential on a budget. We concerned ourselves with the initial consultancy design meeting and a further 6 hours consultancy design time to help redesign their kitchen, living space, bathroom and garden. We then shared the responsibility of the project management resulting in another 16 hours of our time through the process, in this we helped with procurement of products many of which our own, the sourcing of tradesman, and took on the installation of the lighting both inside and out, the knock through of the front and back rooms and making good, as well as an element of the garden ourselves.

On this project like all of our others we installed the confidence to the clients to achieve their aims through our knowledge and experience in design working for them. It was a reminder to us that working in normal family homes can make such a difference to people's lives and the gratitude is heart warming, and with our progressive way of people paying for knowledge it means everyone can win as it enables us to employ are knowledge wherever, not just in our more prestigious projects. For paying for a bit of knowledge no matter what you are embarking upon always make sense and with our consultancy design and our vast knowledge we have made it make sense for you no matter how small your project. For you are going to exist in that kitchen, that living space, that bathroom or garden for years to come and a few hundred pounds of knowledge is well worth it as it keeps giving back for years to come. Their words not ours!